Dr. Jolanda Tromp

CMO, Chief Metaverse Officer, for CVS

Dr. Jolanda Gerda Tromp is CMO, Chief Metaverse Officer, for CVS at Duy Tan University, Da Nang, Vietnam. She is a Human-Computer Interaction expert specialized in User-Centered design and evaluation for new technologies (VR/AR/AI/IoT), with 20 years’ experience as principal Usability investigator. She has a PhD in Systematic Usability Design and Evaluation for Collaborative Virtual Environments, 2001, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, a BSc in Psychology (with honors), thesis Presence and Immersion, 1995, University of Amsterdam, Holland, and a minor degree in Arts from the Rietveld Academy, Holland. She worked at the University of Amsterdam, Holland, the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, the State University of New York, USA, Motorola, and various other startup companies. She is a consultant on the State University of New York Mixed Reality Task Group and the global Simulations Working Group. She specializes in user-centered requirements analysis and specification, design thinking, methodology for user-centered design and evaluation, virtual teamwork, long-distance multi-cultural teamwork and virtual team-management. She has certificates in Agile and SCRUM, Gamification (level 3), online marketing Conversion Rate Optimization, Intercultural Communication Facilitation, and Transactional Analysis. She has worked on four large-scale EU funded VR R&D projects, and two VR R&D projects with British funding. She authored project deliverables and project dissemination papers and published scientific articles in IEEE on Computer Graphics and Applications, British HCI Journal on Interfaces, Journal Presence: Telepresence and Virtual Environments, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, British Telecom Technology Journal, Journal of Intelligent Systems, Dutch Royal Telecommunications and Apple User Experience Review, about the methodology of VR design and evaluation, and she presented research results at many conferences. She initiated and co-organized several VR Design and Evaluation workshops (1996, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2015, 2016) and provided AR/VR user-centered design and evaluation tutorials at MIT, USA (Oct 2016) and SETIT’16 IEE conference, Tunisia (Dec 2016).

The title of the new book and a link to the Wiley bookshop:  Roadmapping Extended Reality: Fundamentals and Applications