Seminar of “Information Technology Applications in Medical” is going to be held in Da Nang city by Duy Tan University on 07th – 08th November 2015. The Seminar is a forum for those who work in the field of information and communications technology in terms of doing research, deployment, teaching and management in order to exchange academic issues and share experiences and look for any cooperation.
Especially, the seminar will encourage young scientists, fellows and post-graduate students reporting, sharing their research results as well as applications in medical.

Topic of the seminar

• Develop the Information Technology Applications in Medical.

Objectives of the seminar

• Exchange the research results of Telemedicine, 3D virtual reality applications in recent years and discuss about cooperation in research and development in the future.
• Improve capacity of the Information Technology Applications in Telemedicine, scientific research and management.


• 07th November 2015: Seminar
• 08th November 2015: Da Nang city tour

The main contents

• Virtual reality
• Image processing and video technique
• Smart Systems
• Bioinformatics
• The integrated system
• Technology knowledge and soft computing
• The modern computing technology
• Electronic Health

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