CVS is focused on researching and deploying the latest developments and solutions for 3D visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, artifical intelligence and the Internet of Things, in answer to the needs of O.B.O.R for Vietnam and globally. CVS actively researches solutions for modeling,
reconstruction and re-creation of 3D objects, building 3d spaces, and simulations of interactive controls.

  • CVS follows the latest technological developments for user interaction with objects in 3D space, through novel projection equipment, computers, control devices, and peripheral sensors to create the most realistic, ergonomic and user-friendly experience for the user.
  • CVS completely developes 3D printing techniques from simple objects to the complex objects using many different materials.
  • CVS researches and develops solutions for system and advanced technology for 3D simulator, 3D interaction, 3D printing, and everything related to 3D at the request of customers.

The areas of expertise

  • Medical (simulation of the human body, organ systems, anatomical landmarks, movement, virtual surgery, virtual endoscopy, orthopedic surgery), health (simulation of some diseases, tumors, lymph nodes, patient care), medicine (simulation controls the effects of the drugs, etc)
  • Environment (simulating pollution levels of water, air, etc), energy (simulating operations of wind turbines, hydropower plants, thermal power, nuclear power, performance computing of solar energy, etc)
  • Tourism (building the natural tourism space, city walking tourism, 3D tourist map, simulation the number of tourists, etc), traffic (simulation the station, harbor, calculate vehicle flow in traffic, building the traffic control station in virtual city, etc; simulating the transport technical, loading and unloading the large volumes of cargo, etc).
  • Museum (digitized specimens, building virtual museums, restored historic specimens, etc), History (simulation of ancient architecture, temples, pagodas, palaces and tombs, digitized constructions, etc).
  • Digitized terrain (modeling simulation of topography, geography, landscape, and beyond etc),
  • Planning and surveying (Building virtual planning simulation program, virtual survey on any terrain, etc).
  • Industry (simulating the industrial process control, factory, simulating the processes “inside” like metallurgical, radiation effects, processes inside the machines, etc).
  • 3D Game (Building 3D interactive game applications on multiple platforms such as PC, iOS, Android, etc).
  • Education and training (Training on programming realtime 3D, 3D simulation, etc).
  • And other fields to order
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