Tourism & Traffic Simulation

New technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are bringing unprecedented potential improvements and additions to the Cultural Heritage and Hospitality & Tourism Industry.

These new technologies can potentially have huge impacts to the way these domains currently function and how researchers, hospitality organizations and tourists access and experience cultural heritage, for research or holidays and leisure.

These technologies combined with each other, will be capable of revolutionizing many sectors. There are certainly many use-cases within this broad field of Emerging Technologies and Innovation for Cultural Heritage, Hospitality & Tourism Industry application areas, ranging from:

  • Improvements to the preservation of cultural heritage data in the form of visual and 3D objects/spatial analysis and restoration information,
  • Multi-user annotations and flexible import/export/share functions, and universal format for equal access, flexible search and store functions,
  • Workflow and information dissemination for booking visits, options for different arrangements in hosting and serving tourist;
  • Delivering virtual pre-views and augmented experiences to tourists and students or preservers of cultural heritage artifacts; providing tourists, etc with Cultural Heritage explorations, real and virtual excursions, including cultural and historical background information displays;
  • Big-data analysis of tourist behaviours and responses to the Cultural Heritage experience, with the aim of improving and personalizing the Hospitality & Tourism offers and experiences.

We create cultural heritage and tourism applications in VR and AR.

We also curate a Special Issue for Frontiers online, about New and Emerging technologies for Cultural Heritage and Tourism & Hospitality, together with The Glasgow School of Art. The call for contributions is now open at:

We also have a call for papers for a Special Session at ICCMIT2019, on the topic of Cultural Heritage and Tourism. You can find the call for papers here.