Multi-User Interactive VR/AR

 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology and computer network technology are developing rapidly, and AR/VR technology is made great progress in our decade.

Development of scalable, distributed multi-user virtual environments becomes the next technology challenge.

CVS builds 3D interactive multi-user applications on multiple platforms such as for AR and VR, for PC, iOS, Android, etc.

Book chapter by CVS: Tromp, Jolanda & Le, Chung, Le, Bao, Le, Dac-Nhuong, (2018). Massively Multi-User Online Social Virtual Reality Systems: Ethical Issues and Risks for Long-Term Use, in: Social Networks Science: Design, Implementation, Security, and Challenges: From Social Networks Analysis to Social Networks Intelligence 1st ed. 2018 Edition by Nilanjan Dey  (Editor), Rosalina Babo (Editor), Amira S. Ashour (Editor), Vishal Bhatnagar (Editor), Med Salim Bouhlel (Editor).