Industrial Simulations

CVS develops simulations of manufacturing processes using AR/VR, because this is a very important application area for Industry 4.0. Manufacturing engineering can benefit from simulation and visualization of processes before actual development of the parts takes place.
A big problem for manufacturing is knowing and understanding the effect of a change, to what happens next in the whole system because of these local changes. While it is easy to understand the difference made by changes in the local system, it is very difficult or impossible to assess the impact of this change in the overall system by mentally visualizing the effects. AR/VR can really make a difference to our cost/efficiency calculations.
Simulation gives us some measure of this impact. Measures which can be obtained by a simulation analysis of the following data (Wikipedia):
  • Parts produced per unit time
  • Time spent in system by parts
  • Time spent by parts in queue
  • Time spent during transportation from one place to another
  • In time deliveries made
  • Build up of the inventory
  • Inventory in process
  • Percent utilization of machines and workers.